Dorothy In Wonderland


It’s 1979. Dorothy in Wonderland is the journey of Dorothy, a 29-year-old idealistic, gay woman, whose first career in teaching puts her at odds with the patriarchal Catholic system. Her firing catapults her on a dreamlike adventure to the woods of Maine where she joins a primitive religious community made up of renegade nuns and a priest. Here she meets the Empress, the spiritual leader, and the female version of Narcissus and Goldmund ensues. Dorothy’s subsequent social work introduces her to several fascinating characters and synchronistic experiences. Eventually, a torrid affair with a Harvard student, ten years her junior, forces her to make new life choices.
This is a story of unrequited love. The honest revelation of internal and external struggles will touch secret places hidden in all. Written in a memoir style of stream-of-consciousness thoughts, the book offers access into Dorothy mind. Insights into the creative process, spirituality, sexuality, and the interaction of strong women are the work’s strengths.

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