Choice and Chance

by Nicholas Rety
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Born and educated in Hungary, the author completed his high school education in Somerset, England.

In 1944-45, he witnessed at close quarters the siege of Budapest by the Russian Army and the aftermath. He moved to England in 1947.

Challenging years followed in London after leaving school in 1949. He worked full-time in a Fleet Street advertising agency, later as a delivery truck driver for a Mayfair wine merchant, all the while attending night school to prepare him for entry into medical school. His effort earned him a university scholarship.

After graduating as a doctor, he served as Regimental Medical Officer in the Canadian Army. He then undertook specialty training in urological surgery in Edmonton, Alberta, then moved to Vernon, British Columbia where he practised for 31 years, retiring in 1999.

In private life, he was an avid skier and tennis player and played excusable golf. At the age of 56, he took up flying which he enjoyed for 19 years. He enjoys reading, writing, poetry, singing, good friends, lively conversation, travel, photography, in short: life. He abhors pomposity.

He lives in Vernon, British Columbia.

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