At Home with Dementia: Insightful Caregiver Strategies for Smarter Decisions, Safer Outcomes and Improved Sanity


The dementia journey always has two passengers, the sufferer and the caregiver (family and paid) , facing ever changing daily scenarios. The caregiver has several roles on this journey – tour guide, driver, mechanic and companion to name a few. Handling all these roles, simultaneously can be extremely frustrating for new and veteran caregivers.

How do you keep your composure while providing help to a grown person who has moments of childish behavior, quality-of-life challenges and a strong need to maintain their independence and dignity? Welcome to dementia caregiving.

Often you cannot learn of a true status about your loved one’s needs because they mask them from you. This is usually out of pride, embarrassment, fear, or frustration. This can be so exasperating.

This book serves as a GPS offering proven, flexible solutions to help you understand what may be on dementia’s road, what to pack in the survival bag, and how to recognize and prepare for detours.

You (caregiver and family) need to learn about which common items in the home will become dementia-induced threats, and how to avoid them. This book also provides tips for handling, in person or from a distance, the frequent good and bad moments caregiver will surely encounter.

Additionally, you will learn how to use compassion, wisdom and automation to be a healthier, more confident and savvy dementia caregiver traveler. These real-life, humbling and enriching lessons herein can help you recognize and embrace the strength and love embedded in caregiving.

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