Angel of Mortality: Defender of Life… Creator of Chaos

by David Witherington Stewart
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Combining nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and robotics, biophysicist Dr. Raisa Ilyushkin invents a device, the SANG, that produces xenoborgs, continent-sized intelligent organisms that can regulate climate, clean up pollution, produce natural energy, revolutionize medicine, and provide social services.

Stepan Pavlovich, boss of the international crime syndicate, the Apparat, obtains a copy of the SANG and uses it to produce pandemics and war machines, reducing the human population to 750 million loyal to him.

Pavlovich kills billion, while Raisa leads national security organizations and scientists worldwide attempting to destroy Pavlovich’s war machines, TYPHON and BRACA, with her own defense organisms, EVE and SUNESUN. Raisa, in collaboration with the United Nations Council for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, confronts many of the issues involved in using advanced technology for good while preventing it from getting out of control.

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