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June 24-27

Join ReadersMagnet at the world’s biggest library event.

The next installment of The Festival of Storytellers comes to you from the greatest gathering of library professionals in the world. Librarians, educators, authors, and publishers will come together in an epic 5 day conference where there will be one thing on everyone’s lips: BOOKS.

Amongst the educational programming and exhibits, there will also be thought-provoking talks from industry professionals.

ReadersMagnet will once again host their popular author series, The Festival of Storytellers in the convention. Join the authors as they take a deep dive into their creative process and share their passion for literature with avid readers, fans, and bibliophiles.


Authors that will be having their book signing at the ALA Conference are:

Author Photo for book Cover
Russell Marlett

Russell Marlett spent his childhood, through high school, in a small south Texas company town. In his words, he was raised by two of the best intentioned people in the world who did not have a nickle’s worth of parenting skill between them. His mother made sure that he, and his sister, followed in her family’s tradition of Methodism, while his father stayed home and read the paper. As a child he wondered about the Biblical truths that were taught him as guides for his life, but were pointed out as justification for listing the shortcomings in the lives of others. His road to scepticism was taken the night he was in the kitchen with his mother when she was preparing the evening meal. The main course was to be the piece of round steak that was on the counter, prior to being popped in the skillet. The eight year Russell examined the steak, and exclaimed to his mother that this was a cross section of an animal’s leg that showed the muscle structure of that portion of the leg. His mother glanced at the steak, and said – “No Bubba. It’s flesh. The Bible says it’s flesh.”
After high school, restlessness overtook good sense and he left college, after two years, for a summer job with the U. S. Forest Service. The summer job lasted into the Fall, until the winter snows shut down all work in the woods. The next summer was spent working on a ranch up until the time he enlisted in the Army. He spent the first part of his three year enlistment as a paratrooper at Ft. Bragg, and then was given an overseas assignment in Berlin, Germany.
After discharge from the service, he wound up in Houston, Texas where he enrolled in the University of Houston. He also took a part time job to support himself. The part time job became the opening to a career in replacement parts, first for industrial engines and then for automobiles. In his spare time he became involved with the growing sport of skydiving, and was appointed the jumpmaster and trainer for the just forming, Houston Parachute Club. It was through the activities of the parachute club that he was introduced to his soon to be wife, Shirley, and her son, Chris.
Marriage and family instigated a return to church. Through activities of study and research for teaching, Russell discovered research material that he had never been aware of. He became a reader and student of religious thought and opinion, to encompass disciplines other than Christian. He was a teacher and eventually a lay speaker for his local church. In studies of various religious and spiritual disciplines he found a common thread. What Russell believes is that there is only one truth, and that it has been discovered and expressed in different terms and in different forms by different adherents throughout history. “Commentaries” is his revelation of the one truth, and its application to life.

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Eileen Ferriter

Eileen Ferriter was born in Massachusetts and introduced to painting at an early age.

She attended Smith College, where she studied fine arts, theater design, and architecture. Eileen is an award-winning designer with extensive management experience in the sports and leisure industries, and her joy of sailing began in her twenties. In her debut book, Sailing the Milky Way, A Passport to the Unimagined, she combines her interests through this story of wonder, whimsy, and a little bit of magic.

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Walter Clark Boutwell

W. Clark Boutwell is a gentleman of a certain age who has spent most of the time since he was eighteen-years-old learning to be a physician, practicing his craft, and teaching it to others.

In the middle of his seventh decade, he was seized, as these things will happen to men of a certain age, with the conceit to write.

What was initially planned to be a short story, a large work for a novice writer, eventually morphed into a two-book and then a three-book series: Old Men and Infidels.

He is fascinated by how the narrative of history is forgotten, used, abused, invented, denied, transmitted, warped and generally dealt with rather shabbily.

To “use up” the OMAI world, two more books are in the works. The Silence and the Gods is in editing and (W/T) Unity Ascending is well started. (See Why Omai).

He lives with his bride of 40+ years (when he is not working and she tolerates him) in rural Alabama near Montgomery. He is a believer, long distance hiker, climber, traveler, bad poet and worse wit.

You have been warned.

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Chris Kline
Chris Kline

The author when at 19 finds herself on the Rolling Stones plane. Last stop NYC.

She decided to give up her career as a horse trainer and became the party girl. One night after dinner a voice called to her and entered her with a brilliant light claiming to be God. The spirit stayed with her for nine years channelling and writing hundreds of pagers by automatic writing. She moved in the supernatural warfare. It was this life experience that led her to write this fiction book

SOULWARS:  We all are in the heavenly battle. How do we protect ourselves as evil thrusts its power into people?

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Merna L. Victor

I have lived in MA most of my life except when my husband was in the Navy when we lived in Washington, DC for two years and, then, when he did training in Baltimore, Maryland for three years. We chose to return home to the Boston area to be near family and  friends

I have two wonderful, imaginative daughters.

I am active in politics, especially where civil rights are concerned.


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Kerry Marzock

Growing up as a child, I immediately acquired a love of sports, animals, and horror, not necessarily in that order. My monster of choice was always the werewolf, simply because it represented change and stood for the most wonderful creature I loved from such a young age, the wolf. Life has certainly not always been easy and presented numerous challenges and difficult periods for me. However, I possessed an extremely strong will to survive and tackle all obstacles head on. Thankfully, I discovered all the many wonderful, talented authors who provided me the worlds of horror and science fiction which I escaped into, especially Laurel K. Hamilton whose work I have admired for a long time from the very first page I read. I have lived for the last 51 years in Philadelphia, a beautiful, historic, and wonderful city, so it was not a stretch to write this novel set here on the streets that I know so well. My first novel “Raven’s Way” represented a life-time dream, and also simply meant to never give up on your deepest desires. My life has certainly proven that fact. I sincerely hope you enjoy “Raven’s Way”, and then look forward to enjoying the continuation of his wild and crazy life in, “Raven’s Rage – Order of the Claw”. My third novel is titled, “The Reptilian Factor”, which is about an angry alien in the Sonoran desert around Tucson, AZ. I also have written a book of poetry titled “A Sea of Emotion”. It is simply a book of everyday life about the dreams we all possess of finding that never-ending romance or special friendship through sadness, love, loneliness and struggle adrift upon A Sea of Emotion. I followed that up with “Along A Burning Highway”, comprised of both poetry and short stories.
You can check them out on my web site, Also, I would love to know your comments about Raven’s Way so please feel free to send me an E-mail to [email protected] .

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Nelibeth Plaza

Retired after serving for twenty-seven years in the New York City Department of Education as an elementary school teacher and formerly as an assistant principal.

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Nicki Geigert
Nicki Geigert

Nicki Geigert is a landscape and wildlife photographer, and travel writer. Her beautiful photos capturing wildlife in their natural habitats are what set her apart from other photographers. She likes to get up close and personal to capture the candid moments of wildlife. Photography gives us the power to capture the beauty around us that we sometimes fail to notice. If Nicki Geigert has one goal for her photography and her writing, it would be to invite you to share these moments with her.

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