Gangster Lullaby

A thrilling tale of money, mischief, and... family.

Title and Tagline
“What are you doing here, Micky” Three-Face mutters from the shadows. “I came to pay my debt like I said I would.” “It’s about time, Locksmith isn’t a patient man”. Three-Face reaches his hand out towards Micky, “did you bring the Zambian spoon as we asked, Mr Wonderful”. “The things I had to do for this…”
Paragraph One
When Three-Face becomes embroiled in an ill-fated quest to kidnap his brother’s pricey pet marmoset, Locksmith spots an opportunity of his own. Turning from friend to foe, he reveals Three-Face’s plan, and sets into motion a turbulent chain of events involving children’s entertainers, a heroin-addicted car mechanic, and a whole host of murderous mafiosos.
Paragraph Two
Micky Wonderful began to speak, but was interrupted by Three-Face. “I hear the cops, we gotta run.” Flashing red and blue lights began to paint the room from the outside. It was far past time the three were off. Micky Wonderful grabbed the loot and bolted out the back door with a shout. “This ain’t the marines. Good luck boys.” The Locksmith and Three-Face ran but tripped over a table knocking over a music box tipping off the cops exactly where they were. “Hands in the air.”
Paragraph Three
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