Zylia Knowlin

Zylia N. Knowlin is the proud author of : The Memoirs of an Empress. The novel 1991 is her second book, which actually is the first book in the series Living as an Empress. She is currently working on a children’s book that will feature the same characters she uses throughout the adult series Living as an Empress.

She is a PhD candidate at Barry University. She is the mother of four daughters as well. She has been featured in several magazines and newspapers in the USA. By visiting her website, www.blackgirlswrite2.com, you can learn more about her professional writing services. As the owner of Black Girls Write 2 LLC, she has branded merchandise available for sale at www.empresshaberdashery.com Follow her on IG @zknowlin, @empr.esszy and @blackgirlswrite2 and on Facebook at BlackGirlsWrite2, LLC Group.

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