W. Veronica Lisare

W. Veronica Lisare is a mother, grandmother and retired nurse who lives in Kelowna B.C. Canada. She notes her motivation for writing her story was so that others “will be encouraged to trust God and know that their past does not have to dictate the outcome of their future. They can be victorious and live full of faith and confidence.” Her passion is to pass on the spiritual truths she has learned so that others can be overcomers and walk in their divine destinies. Having been encouraged by many people to share her story, Wendy embarked on an 11-year writing marathon to complete her book. She was invited to write a chapter for one of the annually published works by Women World Leaders. “Embrace The Journey. Your Path To Spiritual Growth” won Amazon’s #1 Best Seller award last year. She will be a featured writer in this year’s book called “Surrendered. Yielded With Purpose.” Following a lengthy online interview at the ReadersMagnet-sponsored Festival of Storytellers, Wendy was nominated in two categories and won the Storytellers Quill Award for Author of the Season 2021. The power of forgiveness, shedding the victim mentality, and living from awareness of who she has been created to be, has given her the ability to travel extensively, serve on mission trips, attend schools, lead and teach groups, become a conference speaker, and counsel many using the Sozo tools learned at the School of Ministry in Redding, California.

The Other Side of Fear: My Journey Into Perfect Love

This is a story of moving from abuse, crippling fear and low self-esteem to knowing the ultimate love of God. W.Veronica Lisare has discovered courage, joy, hope, freedom and fulfillment as she embraces her authentic identity as a daughter of th King of kings. She shares the intimate details of her journals from and unhappy childhood, through a loveless twenty-seven year marriage, a divorce, the loss of a granddaughter and a battle with cancer to a rewarding nursing job and second career as a minister of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The testimony of the author and the spiritual tools she learned along the journey will inspire all who read it to move through their own challenges to God’s perfect love and the other side of fear.