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Vonne Solis, author of “Lessons in Surviving Suicide: A Letter to my Daughter” and other books such as “Divine Healing – Transforming Pain into Personal Power” and “The Power of Change – A Path to Enlightenment,” is a Grief and Life Transformation Coach who has dedicated herself to healing and supporting others in their healing since her daughter’s suicide in 2005, at the age of 22. This was a sad and traumatic loss for her entire family, especially Vonne who lost her way as a result of her daughter’s death.

However, her commitment to healing has pushed her to continually strive to be more than who she is today, and share what she has learned from others because she’d never wanted to live with only her suffering. She believes that the silence surrounding loss and sadness should not deprive grieving people of the opportunity to commemorate their own good memories and experiences with persons they’ve lost.

While Vonne’s work is based on self-responsibility, she is fully aware of the battle we all have to rebuild our lives after child loss, trauma, and other tragic losses. She continues to share what she has learned and practiced to enjoy optimal recovery and create the life she genuinely desires through her books, blog, and YouTube channel.

Vonne Solis

Lessons in Surviving Suicide: A Letter to my Daughter, Divine Healing: Transforming Pain into Personal Power

Lessons in Surviving Suicide: A Letter to my Daughter

When I first became bereaved in 2005, after the suicide of my daughter at age twenty-two, more than anything I wanted another bereaved parent to tell me exactly what I could expect from my grief. What would it be like? Would it ever end? Critically, how could I possibly live without my child? I was terrified. I had thousands of questions and no real answers. The future looked bleak.Fifteen years later, I am that parent I so desperately wanted to learn from. This book is to help newly bereaved parents who have lost their child to suicide navigate early grief and be aware of the issues that can complicate grief.The body of each chapter has been written as a personal letter to my daughter. In a raw and candid sharing, I recount the difficult emotions and issues that have challenged my efforts to fully heal from her suicide. The lessons learned at the end of each chapter are the result of the introspection that only time can give us. They are intended to help every parent reading this book find comfort and healing on their journey from all that I’ve learned looking back on my own.While all bereaved parents have thousands of questions related to the death of their child, suicide presents its own unique questions and challenges. Not knowing the reasons for their child’s death can create lasting suffering for grieving parents and complicate their grief.Time is bittersweet. The more it passes, the more it can challenge bereaved parents to accept the finality of their child’s death. It can also trap us in only surviving the trauma and pain we experience after our losing our child, rather than being able to embrace truly living. But time also gives us the increasing courage and ability to reflect on our loss and pain, which is necessary to heal.I remain optimistic that we can heal from what is perhaps the toughest loss for anyone to bear. This book comforts and encourages every bereaved parent to contemplate the difficulties that will challenge them in their grief. It also serves as a compass to guide them to the destination they want and that does await them when they believe and trust that they can and will find their way.

Divine Healing: Transforming Pain into Personal Power

Realizing the potential you have to awaken to your power as an enlightened being is central to authentic healing. There is a significant distinction between superficially healing wounds and authentically healing. If you feel ready to surrender all pain and struggle, Divine Healing is a must read. Delivered as both a story and a practice, the author compassionately shares her journey to become whole after the suicide of her daughter in 2005. Though written in the context of the parental grief experience, Divine Healing is intended for anyone who desires authentic healing. Each chapter, a journey in itself, reminds us of the eternal truths that teach that all healing is possible, despite the origin of any pain. The lessons, while not confined to only one experience in pain, reach into the core root of all suffering and will guide anyone through any difficulty to find peace and joy.

Not only will you develop a richer understanding of suffering and healing, including viewing loss and grief differently, but by learning to work with the angels, you will reclaim your power as the authentic being you already are. You will learn to honor all of your hurtful experiences and trust in your ability to become whole on your own terms. Realizing you are the catalyst for your own powerful transformation, Divine Healing inspires you to courageously want more for your life, and teaches you how to continually manifest the life you were meant to find and enjoy through a realistic, heartfelt practice.

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