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Trinidad Rodriguez, author of ”Trini: My Life of Poems,” is the oldest of six daughters. Her father encouraged her to drop out of Bowie High School in El Paso, Texas, during her freshman year, telling her she would soon marry and find a man who would support her. She, on the other hand, did not listen to her father’s words and graduated valedictorian in 1961. This is due to the support of a teacher who recognized her intelligence. She married at the age of 20 and finished her bachelor’s degree at Texas University El Paso. After a failed marriage and with three children to support, she completed her master’s degree at age 38. She went on to have a distinguished teaching career and is now a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in San Marcos, Texas, where she is still living a successful life of service to her community at the age of 73.

Trinidad Rodriguez

Mi vida de poemas, Trini: My Life of Poems

Trini: My Life of Poems

Trini, My Life of Poems is a collection of poems written over a span of 20 to 30 years after my divorce. Life continues as a young naive 32-year-old with three children tackles life. My girls were nine and twelve and my little boy was four. I was raising three young children, working, and going to UTEP to become a teacher. The poems would come to me late at night after some crisis or incident with the kids. Now as a professional mental health therapist, I can say that the poems were my way of processing the life event, trying to make sense of it. I heard this morning that when something scary or horrible is happening, God is around to help. I believe they were talking about the time the disciples were caught in a storm, and Jesus walked on water to help. Trini, my Life of Poems has a poem, “Life is like the Dark, Dark Sea”.

Mi vida de poemas

“Mi vida de poemas” es una historia de determinación, valor y una fe inquebrantable. Cada poema es un capítulo de una vida llena de luchas y la perseverancia de una madre soltera. Respira cada línea y comparte esas experiencias y ve ellas a través de las ventanas de sus ojos. Algunos poemas le permiten volar como una mariposa, la realización de la libertad de un primer vuelo, mientras que otros traen un dolor a tu corazón. Deja sentir el anhelo de una pareja amorosa y el cuidado y la dedicación a sus tres hijos. Su prosa nos lleva a donde no sabemos cómo ir nosotros mismos, mirando profundamente en nuestras almas con poemas que cantan a veces y a veces regañan a uno. Un viaje fascinante expresado desde el corazón de un escritor de talento. Búscate un rincón tranquilo y comparte una vida en prosa que rara vez tenemos el privilegio de visitar.

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