Todd A. Blodgett

When Todd Blodgett joined President Reagan’s administration, he was – at aged 24 – then the youngest member of the Reagan-Bush White House staff. Blodgett later worked for the first President Bush, and the Republican Nat’l Committee, and the F.B.I. His work for the bureau as a full-time, paid INFORMANT has been described in numerous publications – including The Washington Post; the Huffington Post; The Des Moines Register; USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and even The National Enquirer, and other tabloids and magazines. Mr. Blodgett’s work has also been included on broadcasts of The NBC NIGHTLY NEWS, CBS News and other electronic media reports.

During the years he worked for the FBI, infiltrating and monitoring neo-Nazis, KKK members, Holocaust deniers, well-funded Bigots and organized, professional anti-Semites, now-retired FBI informant Todd Blodgett was addicted to crack cocaine. Drug-free since 2006, the life that Blodgett survived makes ‘Breaking Bad’, ‘The Sopranos’, ‘The West Wing’ and ‘The Wire’, look like ‘Little House on the Prairie’. He wrote REPUBLICAN CRACKHEAD to warn against what he put himself through, with the hope of preventing readers from becoming haters, and/or drug addicts.

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