Teresa Haven Pelinski


Teresa Haven Baltzegar Pelinski was born on August 23, 1960 in Orangeburg, South Carolina, to Jefferson D. Baltzegar and Lucretia K. Baltzegar. She retired from state government in 2007 after twenty-nine years of service and is now living in Gilbert, South Carolina. Married to John J. Pelinski. She has one child of her own, four stepchildren, and eight grandchildren.

She began singing in church as a child. She is a singer-songwriter who is currently recording her first album last year 2022. She began her own ministry in the year 2006, which is called “Dontcha Know? You are a Child of the Most-High God!”. Her ministry is about visiting, praying and singing for the sick and others that need encouragement in their lives. She is a prayer warrior and her faith in Jesus Christ got her through depression and worries as a child. Her faith is strong, and she knows Jesus has been with her every moment of her life. She enjoys painting and crafting in her leisure times.

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