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This is the first published novel by Steven Alan Woods. He recently retired from the finance department of a major Midwestern newspaper, having a long career in credit management. The story of Bo’s Ace was actually written over fifteen years ago. A long succession of supernatural events occurring throughout the author’s life strongly supports his belief that the story was truly inspired by God, so he waited until God made it clear to him that it was time to share it with the rest of the world. Steven currently lives in Inkster, Michigan.

Bo’s Ace

It is the year 1969 in the town of Plattsmouth, Nebraska. A mysterious mammoth dog suddenly shows up out of nowhere. Why does he become so quickly accepted into the Bozell household? Many weird events begin to occur to both Bo and his spaced-out neighbor, Randy. Just when things seem like they couldn’t get any stranger, the dog suddenly disappears. Bo’s grief is compounded by the fact that his older brother is now missing in Vietnam. Meanwhile, Matt Duncan continues to hatch his plans to exact revenge on Bo simply because Bo embarrassed him in a high school wrestling match.

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