Steven F. Verzal

Served over six years in US Army, most of that in the Military Police, Alaska. I was then recruited by Anchorage Police Department during the pipeline boom. I later had to be retired to an on-the-job injury. I now am an author of books. I have done a Nonfiction The Silent Badge. And, have started a murder series, the first called The Alasan has Seven Days. My second manuscript is finished, The Alaskan Takes a Dive, and now I am working on The Alaskan in the the Snow again. All of my books end in cliff hanger. I have about four or five more in my head.

Steven F. Verzal

The Alaskan Has Seven Days, The Silent Badge

The Alaskan Has Seven Days

Sam, also known as The Alaskan, was a homicide detective way, way up north. Because it was a small department and there were very few homicides, he decided to retire after twenty years and moved to a bigger department, bigger city, with more homicides. He got the reputation of solving the “hard ones.” Sam, with his quirky partner, Ed, have now been given a homicide case to investigate. Sam knows he will be retiring from his second law enforcement career in a week. The Alaskan has seven days to investigate the case and it’s a tough one. Each day is full of adventure, folly and new discoveries. Can Sam and Ed solve this case in only seven days?

The Silent Badge

If you want to get into law enforcement and are married or planning on getting married, the career is not yours alone. Talk to others who are in law enforcement before jumping in with both feet. The pressures are enormous and what you see in one month, most people will not see in a lifetime. You need to communicate with your spouse. You must go to a scene without prejudice. You need to get very good with your firearm. Treat all people equally. You never know that one day could be your last.