Stephen D. Sears

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Stephen D. Sears was born and raised in Maryland. He pursued his education at Antioch College in Ohio, earning a BA in Sociology. During his college years, Stephen D. Sears engaged in co-op positions across various cities, including Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Boston, Rochester NY, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Hialeah Fla. His professional journey centered on diverse roles, ranging from being an orderly in nursing homes to serving as a child care worker and supervisor for pre-adolescent and early adolescent boys. For a remarkable 30 years, Stephen D. Sears worked as a supervisor for a program dedicated to supporting physically disabled adults in their independent living arrangements.


Although he was raised a Presbyterian, Stephen D. Sears currently attends two churches without formal membership in either. In his retirement, he resides in Hyde Park, MA, alongside his wife Natalie and their cat Fred. “This marks his first book.”

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