Sonia Wysingle

Sonia is a wisdom teacher, transformational speaker and rejection coach who has a tremendous love for others and the human spirit.  She lives in Texas with her twin sons.  In addition to running her coaching business, Sonia enjoys sharing her story of perseverance and resilience.  She believes that each of us is in a continual state of metamorphosis. Sonia understands that when our actions are dedicated toward bringing about a positive effect, that is what’s most important and that is when the light of the human spirit is ignited.

P. U. S. H. Persist until Success Happens

P.U.S.H. is not about closing sales, or how to run a multimillion-dollar company, or how to cash in on your side hustle so you can quit your day job. This book is about building the character you need in order to succeed. Without the right character in place-without knowing who you are and what you are capable of-you will never achieve and maintain success.

Fatherless Child: Overcoming Abandonment and Living a Fulfilled Life

The Fatherless Child workbook is an excellent way to continue the work of healing your spirit. This workbook gives you permission to commit to your empowerment through meticulous steps which moves you toward reflection and looking within to discover the deep rooted answers that have caused you to behave and respond in particular ways.

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