Shirley Ann Rogers Baustian

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Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Montana, Shirley Rogers Baustian, a vibrant and retired individual, resides in a world colored by creativity and passion. At the heart of her home, Shirley orchestrates a dynamic writers’ group, where ideas come to life in the warm embrace of literary camaraderie. Beyond the written word, Shirley finds joy in the tactile artistry of quilting and painting, infusing her surroundings with the vivid hues of her imagination.

But Shirley’s zest for life doesn’t stop there – she communicates through the graceful language of sign language whenever the opportunity arises. Amidst the artistry and linguistic expressions, Shirley shares her living space with none other than Gracie, a grand champion show dog whose presence adds an extra layer of charm and companionship to Shirley’s already captivating life. In the rich tapestry of her retired years, Shirley Baustian paints a vivid picture of a life brimming with creativity, connection, and the delightful companionship of her four-legged friend.



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