Sharon C. Eccleston

I was born in Panama, Central America in 1958 and migrated to the US in 1961. I had a wonderful childhood
growing up in Crown Heights Brooklyn, and lived there until I was 40 years of age. I have an extreme love of music
and love beauty in the home an my environment! I guess you might call decorating a hobby that I really, really like.
I collect turtles. Big turtles, little turtles and of all colors! They are all over my home. My special interests are
simply for me to help the person, people or community that needs whatever I can give. I like to stay in the
background and do whatever I can. I happy in that spot. Family means everything to me – it always has!
I went back to school at 40 years old, in the Fall of 1998. I did not know then that a simple email at work would be
what God would use to set me on the path that He wanted me to be. I went back and got my Associates Degree at
Kingsborough College, and then went on to receive a Bachelors in English Literature, at Brooklyn College.
Unknown to me even then, that it was there that I found some beauty is poetry and putting words together. I had no
idea at that time. Much later after receiving my Masters at John Jay, opportunities came to me to try to write about
different things. As they say…… the rest is history! I am grateful on so many levels that I just want to share with
others in my small way what God has shown me that He can do! This daily living cannot be successfully navigated
without Him. I continue to learn as I go through community involvement and of course ministry at my faithful house.

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