Scott Rahn

Born on the 1960s, author Scott Rahn grew up in a family of farmers on an Illinois farm. At such a young age, Scott became aware of the inner workings of the world after experiencing natural and manmade causes that could possibly affect the future, both good and bad. It was also around that time, when the young Scott questions what is accepted as the way thing often are and why.

And as a full-fledged adult, Scott Rahn’s curiosity also grew. He came to question the why of almost everything in humanity’s world and the beliefs that guided those things. He began studying various topics, including cultures, histories, literature, religion, their texts, and the legends of the world. It was then he discovered the something he calls as the “It,” which was the point of his first book, The Book of It.

Over time he came to many realization and reluctantly believe that this “It” had to be real and that the signs of its existence is everywhere and sometimes across all time. Only with an open mind can one see this “It” and the signs.

This name “It” started as a simple identifier for his idea which develops into an actual name. Scott was honest that he has never been able to discover a more perfect defining moniker for this idea. He believes that “It” was the only perfect word to describe what he discovered.

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