Scott Rahn

Scott Rahn was raised on a farm in the 1960s and as a young adult left that life behind in search of adventures that life could never give him.
As for adventures, he had many, heard much, saw much, and did even more, sometimes with very devastating results. Consequences and damage that affected not only himself but also those around him for better and for worse depending on where a person stood at the time.
Eventually, Scott Rahn had to seek a change in life and a way to fill his time if he was to survive to a ripe old age.
It was his own unending curiosity and thirst for knowledge that led him into what became deep and almost obsessive studies of histories, philosophies, and even legends and how they came to be and for what purposes.
It was this last bit that led him to discover what he now calls merely “It”. and its possible place in the ways that the world works and why. which was eventually followed by his writing of a book about It and seeking to share what he believes that he discovered through it.

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