Roo McKenzie

Dr. L. Roo McKenzie has spent over forty five years serving as an educator, counselor and pastor. His rich experience in helping to grow young Christians toward faith maturity is embedded in his own personal journey of a lifetime of walking with Jesus. His life is a demonstration of “Christianity in working clothes”-a moment by moment connection with Christ the Vine which results in bearing the fruits of the Spirit-“love, joy, peace…” The author’s abiding confidence and assurance is that Jesus not only died for him, but that He died as him! Roo is the author of two other books, Have You 101, Delectable McNuggets for the Pilgrim’s Soul, and Seven by Seven, Seven Virtues to Teach Children by age Seven but Definitely by Eleven.

Two Crosses Leaned: High Voltage, Life-Transforming Truth from the Cross that Stood Fast and the Crosses that Leaned

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the free-standing bell tower of the Cathedral of the Italian City of Pisa. The tower is known worldwide for its unintended and permanent tilt. The tilt (lean) of each person is a demonstration of their choice–deliverance or defeat. Humans are either leaning toward Christ or leaning away from Him. A choice is a cognitive assertive decision–behavior (CAD-B)–a deliberate decision to be proactive and definitive about one’s trajectory. Godly CAD-B turns the turbine of personal productive change which leads to transformation and renewal of body, mind, and soul. It is spiritual “will” and “won’t” power in motion that is fueled by the Holy Ghost–the divine catalyst of a believer’s new creation.