Rob Bartlett

Rob Bartlett has apprenticed in wizardry with Master Merlin for twenty-five years. As a practitioner of modern-day wizardry his practice is based on manipulating creation through unconditional love and Christ Consciousness.

Additionally, The Goddess is the power and direction behind a wizard’s allegiance. By piercing the veils of existence, Merlin presents a comprehensive view of life, other lifeforms, individual experiences, and nature as a multi-dimensional world. By focusing on the power of unconditional love, Merlin enables individuals to move beyond illusion, judgment, and justification.

As a practitioner of 21st-century wizardry, Rob understands the power of the written word. During his practice, he has written metaphysical literature that touches on many topics related to wizardry and its relationship to today’s sociopolitical movements.

Rob’s work is available through Amazon. You can also contact him to learn more about his practice as a modern-day wizard.

The Awakening of a Wizard

THE AWAKENING OF A WIZARD represents the new, awakening, healing consciousness now enveloping the world. To best illuminate this social revolution Master Merlin has used the author’s unique and unusual life story as a vehicle to deliver his teachings, focusing on the power of unconditional LOVE, enabling us to move beyond ILLUSION, JUDGMENT, AND JUSTIFICATION. A twenty-five year apprenticeship with Master Merlin (of King Arthur fame) uncovered many of the secrets of life and healing by piercing the veils of existence. Rob feels it is time to share the working of 21st Century real life wizardry, the power of which has the capabilities to restore the health of Mother Earth in these chaotic times. The Goddess, who is the guidance behind wizardry, has a plan to save the planet by using Love and Christ Consciousness to manipulate creation and wield the forces of nature. This is Rob’s spiritual life story, beginning as an atheist/agnostic and eventually embracing Christ Consciousness through white wizardry. The journey explores vast, unimaginable, God-given powers ultimately for the empowerment of healing to create a better destiny and experience. His having accessed other dimensions and worlds may challenge many people’s thinking and belief systems. We are entering an evolutionary period of higher consciousness where miracles, facilitated by this magic, will become more commonplace.

AWAKENED: A Peaceful Revolution

The author is a futurist and has a new and unique perspective on the unfolding social evolution and revolution that these younger generations are bringing to the planet. From what appears to be a deteriorating world, the writer sees a positive outcome. The pundits, experts, and much of the public sense there is something different about these youth, but they don’t understand the hows and whys, including their positive attributes. These youth will reshape social, political, commercial, and industrial structures through heart and intuition, possibly tied to Biblical prophecy. You will discover the answers to these questions with an outcome to save the planet and change the world. These younger people will become the power brokers of a spiritual centered revolution.