Renee’ Servello

Renee’ Servello, author of  “Humor All The Way: You’re Kidding…I’m a Senior?” lives in Texas with her husband Anthony, children Kelli and Ty, grandchildren, and relatives. She had so much fun and laughter that she couldn’t help but share her humorous adventures with the rest of the world. She assures us that there is an abundance of humor in everyday life that usually finds her. She has a large family and great friends.

Renee Servello

You’re Kidding…I’m a SENIOR?, Humor All The Way

You’re Kidding…I’m a SENIOR?

It’s common to see seniors as wise elders who advise younger generations, but if you’re a senior, who advises you? Whom do you turn to when old age has caught up with you and those senior moments begin? You’re KIDDING…I’m a SENIOR? provides perfect advice, and ample humor, about your serious (and seriously hilarious) situation.

Renee’ Servello knows exactly what she’s talking about when she chronicles the trials and tribulations of being a senior citizen. Between her own experiences and those of her relatives and friends, she understands that aging brings with it a host of hilarious moments and situations. Her big southern personality pokes through in her work as she recounts everything from the changes aging has brought to her morning routine to the perils of intensive cardio classes. Servello mourns the loss of her youth and her eyelashes, although those chin hairs remain as stubborn as ever! Throughout all her observations, Servello has an important piece of advice for her readers: treasure your seniors.

But once you finish this book, you may read it slightly differently: treasure your seniors, if you know what’s good for you!

Humor All The Way

When looking for humorous observations, Renee Servello is your source. This hilarious book of anecdotes and quotes makes comments on making grocery lists, losing your teeth, and everything in between. Who says there’s nothing funny about getting old?

Renee’ tends to see the humor in just about any situation and you will laugh along with her. She doesn’t miss much and her observations tend to be on a target. She invites her readers to sit back and enjoy the laughs and remember that HUMOR IS THE RX FOR LIFE. She’s back with another prescription for happiness to bring you good laughs and lots of fun. We all have an expiration date, so let’s make the most of your shelf life!

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