Reginald A. Lawson

Reginald A. Lawson serves as a conduit, believing that our gifts are meant to be shared for the education and inspiration of others. He converts his experiences into lessons and recommendations to aid others in their achievements.

His work and social positions suggest he is not satisfied as a card-carrying member. Reginald’s servant-leadership positions include Homecoming Chairman, State Trooper, HOA President, Bowling League President, Track Coach, Dementia Caregiver, CEO Board Chair, and Law Enforcement/Community Advocate.

He is comfortable working with people from all walks of life. His experiences helps him understand several perspectives on matters small and large. His book At Home with Dementia provides a rare positive approach to address the caregiver’s challenges, needs, strategies and outcomes. He also helps families design and install automated systems to improve caregiving in their homes.

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