Raul Cuero, Ph.D.

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Raul Cuero, PhD is a Microbiologist, Scientist, and Inventor who obtained his PhD in Microbiology from Strathclyde University, UK, MSc in Plant Pathology from Ohio State University, USA, a BSc from Heidelberg University, USA. He is a former Research Associate at the USDA, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. He is a former Research Scientist of Texas A&M University System on the Campus of Prairie View, Texas, USA. Currently, he is a Consultant and Advisor on Microbiology and Biotechnology in USA, and Founder/ Scientist/ Mentor of the International Park of Creativity, whose main aim is invention and discovery (www.ipoc.co).

Dr. Cuero has 26 scientific inventions of which 22 have been granted patents by the U.S. patent office and the rest are patent pending, in addition to numerous publications in different scientific and technological fields including biotechnology, microbiology, molecular biology, synthetic biology, and exobiology.

Dr. Cuero has received several honorary doctorate degrees. He has received the NASA Brief Technology Award for having produced 2 patented inventions that he developed during his tenure at Texas A&M University System, at the Campus of Prairie View, TX, along with the late Dr. David McKay, former JSC- NASA scientist. Dr. Cuero has written books in science, including “Water and Ions as Conditions Necessary for Life; The Secret History of Life” (2022), and a recent book for understanding COVID-19 pandemic (2023), and as well as several books on creativity, and his autobiography “Between Triumph and Survival” (2004).

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