Randall Wesley McLendon (Randy)


Home state is Georgia. Graduated from University of Georgia with Marketing degree then to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for Masters Degree in Theology. Pastored a church in Atlanta GA area (Kennesaw) for 17 years, 1979-1996, then moved to Sarasota county in Florida in 1998. Involved in business and lead a prayer ministry focusing on national revival .

Liberty and the Garden: The Beginning and Purpose of Liberty

Did the Pilgrims discover liberty when they landed at Plymouth Rock? Was it created by our Founding Fathers? Why did it need to be sought and why does it need to be preserved? What is so important about liberty and where did it come from?

We Hold These Truths: A Simple & Timeless Look at the Logic of Nation’s Founding Principles

I would like us – especially our nation’s children – to have a better and more accurate understanding of the Founding Principles upon which our nation is based and a greater appreciation of their genius and source. Books by the shelf full have done this through the years, some very admirably and many in great depth. My goal in this little book is to match depth of understanding with simplicity of logic. As profound as our founding principles are, they are also innately understood. They just make common sense. I trust you will appreciate this renewed look at our foundations of this great nation.

These Three: Keys to Getting Spiritual Growth Off the Ground

In 1 Corinthian 13:13, faith, hope and love are identified as the ultimate and lasting spiritual qualities. However, they are much more than that. Scripture shows God designed them to work together like parts of the engine of spiritual life. If any one of the three is not “working” properly, our spiritual walk takes a tumble. None of the three are meant to stand alone, and in fact, they can’t stand independently! I trust you will enjoy and be blessed by this study of These Three.