Peggy Sullivan

Peggy Sullivan is a women’s leadership speaker, mindset expert, and founder of the nonprofit organization, SheCAN!. Peggy is a strong advocate of empowering women to succeed through supporting each other. She founded a national women’s nonprofit organization that empowers women to become the best version of themselves, personally
and professionally. With a strong and supportive community, SheCAN! provides continuous learning and support to help women step into their power and shine brighter than ever. Thousands of women have benefited from SheCAN! programming, community support, and overall life-changing strategies. Peggy spreads happiness and positivity wherever she goes, whether she’s speaking to an audience, mentoring girls and women, or coaching her clients. She inspires and motivates every audience she comes into contact with. A former branding, marketing and communications executive, Peggy learned firsthand how critical it is to find support and nurturing. After learning challenging lessons from her own life

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