Nelibeth Plaza

Retired after serving for twenty-seven years in the New York City Department of Education as an elementary school teacher and formerly as an assistant principal.

Secrets in the attic

In this affectionate sequel to (IS IT SANTA?). the three young children have been keeping an enormous secret from their parents. Mya, Charlie and Jacob befriend two squirrels name Ponchito and Margarita. As their new friends experience a blizzard-related tragedy, the Thompson family learn what it means to demonstrate emotional and material support. Secrets in the attic teaches its little readers to treat others with respect, kindness and unconditional love despite the differences between them. Especially when we endure adversity!

Is it Santa?

In this story based on actual true events, MOTHER REBEKKAH has been baking Christmas cookies all day for the soon arrival of Santa. Rebekkah proceeds to arrange the cookies into a lovely gift basket wrapped into a transparent cellophane clear plastic wrap. When she returns home after picking up her children; Mya, Charlie, and Jacob from school to be confronted with an unbelievable scene.

Cookies from the basket were removed and placed on the kitchen counters and the adjacent living room. The children believing that Santa arrived early and placed these cookies on the coffee table, two end tables and sofa. However, MOTHER REBEKKAH quickly explains to the children that this was not Santa’s doing, and also, it was much too early for Santa. In addition, Santa would never knock down the beautiful red poinsettias from the window sill.

Now everyone in great distress and most solve the mystery. However, it is Jacob who is the youngest becomes the hero in solving the mystery using his inquiry skills and the use of his magnifying glass.

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