Melissa Campesi

Melissa is certified as an ESL Educator in the state of New Jersey. In addition, she is a Children’s Author and the Creator & Founder of the Cross-Cultural Storytelling Project. Her passion is to visit classrooms both in-person and virtually to promote the importance of learning and embracing our cultural heritage. Melissa’s goal for children is to develop positive identities within themselves, their peers, schools, communities, and beyond. As a multicultural author and advocate, Melissa’s mission is to foster cultural awareness in an educational setting. She is motivated to inspire children about culture through the power of storytelling because that ignites their curiosity about each other and the world around them. “The best education comes from learning about one another.” m. campesi

I Am an English-Language Learner: The Real and Unique Stories of Immigrant Children in America

All around the world, people speak, read, and write in many different languages. Some languages have different alphabet systems, and others make sounds that don’t exist in English. Not only can our languages be different, but so can the ways we dress, eat, and greet others. When children come to the United States from other countries and need to learn English, they become English language learners. I Am an English-Language Learner introduces eight children from various countries who are learning English in their new homes. They share what they miss about their native countries, how they feel about living in the United States, and what they dream of doing. Each one has a new story and unique journey, helping everyone understand that the best education comes from learning about one another. This children’s book introduces young readers to new customs and cultures through the stories of students who are learning English as a second language.

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