Lynda Zidanic

My name is Lynda Zidanic, l was born and raised in a small borough in the city of Pittsburgh. While growing up l suffered from a bladder problem and the kids didn’t understand what a bladder problem was, all they knew was l wet my pants a lot. I was teased and made fun of by my peers. I had someone who I was able to confide in and talk to about the pain I experienced from the kids making fun of me. I was encouraged to be kind to those who hurt me and pray for them. Sure enough, things changed and they became my friend. I have written Pokie Petunia to encourage those who are being made fun of or bullied in any way to not be afraid to talk to a parent, or teacher about the hurt they are experiencing by their peers.

Pokie Petunia and the Problem of Peer Pressure

The courage to do the right thing and encourage others to do so too.

Pokie Petunia

Pokie Petunia is about how a simple act of kindness changed the hearts of those who teased and made fun of her.