Lynda Daniele

Author of the hour slot: November 12, 2021 11:00 am
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Mrs. Lynda Daniele holds a Bachelor of Arts in music from Marymount College in Tarrytown, New York, and a Master of Public Administration from American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Lynda is a former public library trustee. She has also taught adult literacy in her hometown in Southwick, Massachusetts, and has taught faith formation in her local parish. Lynda is a lay sister in the Third Order of St. Dominic. She enjoys spending time with family, friends and her little Border terrier, Molly.

Grandpa Nick’s Bump

In coping with the death of her husband, Nick, the author, Mrs. Lynda M. Daniele, took a writing class at her local YMCA and began writing a story for children about her husband’s battle with meningioma and the neighborhood children he was babysitting for. The four children did not have a grandfather and asked him to be their grandfather. With a great big Grandpa Nick smile, he agreed. Grandpa Nick’s Bump tells the story of a silly, playful Grandpa Nick and the importance of grandfather-hood.

Grandpa Nick the Conductor

“Grandpa Nick the Conductor” is a story of a Trolley Conductor who drives trolleys and teaches visitors about how trolleys work and move. Grandpa Nick and his 14 year old son, Anthony, love mechanical machines that go and the dark, dirty trolley barn is a special place where a surprise takes place for all! What is that sound in the trolley barn? Let’s see! Come and join Grandpa Nick and Anthony in the trolley barn as they restore and paint old trolleys! You’ll never know who might be with them!

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