Unspoken Truth by Kylen S. Barron

Kylen S. Barron

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Born, raised, and educated in Philadelphia, PA, and Cottageville/Walterboro, SC. Kylen has a twin brother and six other siblings. She spent many years traveling from the East Coast to the West Coast, California to New York and Canada, managing her children’s acting careers, coaching them through many scripts and auditions while achieving SAG/AFTRA status, with featured principle appearances in many roles. She has worked closely with pioneers in the industry, with various directors and actors in national and regional commercials, soap-opera-daytime television, music videos, and featured films.

A Retired Executive Director for AMarriage Entertainment, LLC, a Philadelphia-based recording studio; her experiences were inspired by her many years in the entertainment industry as a script-reader and acting coach, a consultant for playwrights, and organizing local and regional concert venues. Her noted experiences would provide a roadmap that would allow her to pursue a lifelong passion for writing, to publishing her first non-fiction book: “Unspoken Truth- From A Buried Past.”

Unspoken Truth by Kylen S. Barron

Unspoken Truth: From A Buried Past

An intriguing journey that uncovers the scandalous and thought-provoking tale of family secrets, lies, lust, and abuse.

Three marriages, racial tensions, a baby, and a secret affair, are only some of the things that have unknowingly plagued Shyrell’s family for decades. She’s always asked herself “what” and “why?” Never in a million years would she or her siblings imagine there is a “who.”

After suffering decades of abuse at the hands of her mother, the answer to “who” would surprisingly find her through a social media platform five years after her mother’s death; the “what” and “why” would take years before all the pieces to this puzzle would finally come together. All of the answers to “who, what, and why” has laid dormant for almost 60 years, embedded in the heart and soul of the one person still alive, who would unlock Pandora’s box to the “Unspoken Truth” of her mother’s turbulent past from Charleston to Philadelphia and the unknown baby born in 1957.

In Unspoken Truth, Shyrell embarks on her journey to discover the truth about her unknown sibling and the reasons for the adoption that would lead from a series of unanswered to answered questions about her mother’s dark past.

In this true story, travel with Shyrell as she discovers the truth about her mother’s secrets, her marriage, her family, and ultimately herself.

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