Kristiann Colasacco

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Kristiann is a self employed highly regarded Interior Designer who set out on her health and fitness journey when she was diagnosed with multiple stomach diseases shortly followed by developing later in life severe food allergy and intolerances. Foods that she had consumed growing up were no longer an option which forced her to pivot into a plant based regime. After many years of testing, tears and a lot of money spent trying to narrow down and seek answers she had to get creative to conform to her own diet that would eliminate the inevitable uncomfortable flare-ups! Taking recipes she had always eaten and loved growing up and making them tailored to fit the new ingredient list she could enjoy was challenging yet very successful! As a highly hyper creative individual, Kristiann designed these recipes to be as flavorful and easy to make as possible free from all gluten, dairy, soy, nuts and legumes (and meat in her personal circumstances which can always be incorporated for those non plant based). Her mission is to help others who battle these same intolerances or perhaps if someone is just starting out on their fitness journey as well and introducing them to clean easy recipes.

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