Kizzy Osudibia

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Kizito Chike Osudibia is a priest of the Catholic Church. Currently, he is pastor of Holy Trinity. Catholic Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The author, who is a scholar and pastor, holds a BPhil (1989), a BTh (1993), an MA in political science (2010), a doctorate degree in civil and organizational leadership, EdD (2015) and a doctorate in Political Science, PhD (2018). He has confidence that ideas change, rule, and sustain the world of change. Hence, the idea that the Abrahamic religions, numbering more than half of the world’s population, can bring enduring peace to the globe is, for him, a desideratum: His arguments speak for themselves in this book. Among his published books are Nigeria: The Case of Fragmentation (1995), Challenges to the Fourth Republic: Nigerian Connexion (2001), and Revolution: A Dangerous Option for Nigeria (2004).

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