Kerry L. Marzock

Growing up as a child, I immediately acquired a love of sports, animals, and horror, not necessarily in that order. My monster of choice was always the werewolf, simply because it represented change and stood for the most wonderful creature I loved from such a young age, the wolf. Life has certainly not always been easy and presented numerous challenges and difficult periods for me. However, I possessed an extremely strong will to survive and tackle all obstacles head on. Thankfully, I discovered all the many wonderful, talented authors who provided me the worlds of horror and science fiction which I escaped into, especially Laurel K. Hamilton whose work I have admired for a long time from the very first page I read. I have lived for the last 51 years in Philadelphia, a beautiful, historic, and wonderful city, so it was not a stretch to write this novel set here on the streets that I know so well. My first novel “Raven’s Way” represented a life-time dream, and also simply meant to never give up on your deepest desires. My life has certainly proven that fact. I sincerely hope you enjoy “Raven’s Way”, and then look forward to enjoying the continuation of his wild and crazy life in, “Raven’s Rage – Order of the Claw”. My third novel is titled, “The Reptilian Factor”, which is about an angry alien in the Sonoran desert around Tucson, AZ. I also have written a book of poetry titled “A Sea of Emotion”. It is simply a book of everyday life about the dreams we all possess of finding that never-ending romance or special friendship through sadness, love, loneliness and struggle adrift upon A Sea of Emotion. I followed that up with “Along A Burning Highway”, comprised of both poetry and short stories.
You can check them out on my web site, Also, I would love to know your comments about Raven’s Way so please feel free to send me an E-mail to .

Kerry L. Marzock

Raven’s Way, Ravens Rage, A Sea of Emotion, The Reptilian Factor, Along a Burning Highway

A Sea of Emotion

A Sea of Emotion is simply a book of everyday life. Everyone who dreams of that never-ending love or special friendship will find meaning within the pages of this unique book of poetry. As we struggle through life, heading for our final destination, we find many adventures and heartbreaks along the wayloves we wish we could reclaim, enjoyable events we wish we could relive, and of course, family that is so dear to our hearts. We stop along our lifelong journey to find injustices, greed, dishonesty, suffering, and all the wrongs of mankind in our modern world. Yet we also find love, honesty, sharing, and caring on a never-ending Sea of Emotion. Come along on lifes little journey as you turn every page and realize that others believe in the same way of life as you. Through these pages youll find sadness, love, family ties, and loneliness all adrift on A Sea of Emotion.

Along a Burning Highway

Book of poetry that takes the reader on a ride of normal everyday life and love to those dark periods in a person’s life. Author Kerry Marzock lived in Philadelphia for many years and recently moved to Canton, Ohio. She has written three novels, Raven’s Way, Raven’s Rage: Order of the Claw, and The Reptilian Factor. She also has a compilation of poetry and short stories titled Along a Burning Highway, and A Sea of Emotion. She has been busily working on additional novels.

Ravens Rage: Order of the Claw

Raven’s Rage: Order of the Claw, picks up the horrific story from Kerry L. Marzock’s first book “Raven’s Way”. Johnny Raven, our hero, continues to seek out the pack of werewolves who killed his wife and unborn child. All the while, he is worried about his newfound love, Kat, as she struggles to come to terms with not only her incredibly deep love and infatuation for Johnny Raven, but also the newfound changes taking place since her transformation began after being bitten by Johnny to save her life. After all, becoming a beast is not very easy for a mere human.

Raven’s Rage is more ferocious and frightening than the first installment; a definite page-turner from beginning to end with one of the most climactic closing scenes ever read, taking place at the mysterious and eerie Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia.

Constant action and battles, tied around a very beastly love affair.

The Reptilian Factor

Although liking her job in the Philadelphia Police Force, she had started becoming restless, wanting more. After completing her Masters’s in Criminal Justice she yearned for detective status, but nothing was available in Philly. So she searched and came up with Tucson, AZ which was looking for a detective on their night squad.

After interviewing and getting the job she left the city that she loved quite a lot, moving to the southwest where she had never been. All was going well for that first year until mangled bodies began accumulating. Amy and her partner Manny Corroda were placed in charge of the investigation. As it turned out, not just any typical investigation. Many years before the remains of a UFO had been discovered in the desert around Tucson, along with an entity of some kind that appeared for the most part lifeless.

Until it escaped and took on a new form. The military acquired the services of Vince Flint and his small, but a capable band of followers to track the creature. Havoc and mayhem build up to a shocking conclusion when Amy discovers that part of her is not truly human after all.

Raven’s Way

There is danger and death in our midst. A malignancy that rides the nighttime breezes underneath the soft breath of a full moon. Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, is about to be drawn into a nightmare never realized before. Creatures now prowl the moonlit streets that Detective Kathleen Morello has sworn to protect. Always the professional, her life and values are about to be torn apart. However, an extremely rugged and handsome, but equally strange and dangerous man, has arrived to help track down this monstrous beast which only knows how to kill and who despises humanity. Johnny Raven, a creature of legend himself, will introduce Detective Morello into a world of nightmarish proportions, as well as steal her heart and make her experience love like she never has before. After all, she is only human… for now.

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