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In 2016, My granddaughter Kelsey Harmon posted a photo & a short story on Twitter. In a few hours, the tweet went viral & I became known as Sad Papaw. I was on national TV several times & numerous local stations from coast to coast. I was also on a national radio program. 10 days after the Sad Papaw story began we had a cookout that attracted people from at least 28 different states.

Kenny Harmon

Sad Papaw’s Heritage

Sad Papaw’s Heritage

Pioneer history of my family in Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas & Oklahoma.


For orders, please send your messages to kharmon6@pldi. net

1.Sad Papaw: The Early Years

2.Sad Papaw’s Heritage

3.Sad Papaw: Those were the days


Any combination:

1 book – $16.95 (includes shipping and handling)

2 books – $30.90 (inlcudes shipping and handling)

3 books – $43.85 (includes shipping and handling)


NOTE: If books are returned within 30-days, a full refund will be issued.

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