Keeshann Jones

Keeshann Jones is a wife, and mother of over twenty children. For Keeshann, having five biological children and being a foster to adopt parent has presented difficulties and rewards. With ten children in her care, several with mental health issues, she gets peace when she can write. She started her journey of writing after the death of her cousin-in-law, which was eerily similar to the death of her sister-in-law twenty-one years earlier.

She is the founder of Nahsek Productions LLC. Nahsek meaning “pious devotee” in Latin, which stands for spiritually devoted to doing the work of God. She has a passion for inspiring others to accomplish their dreams. She wrote For Keeps: Return of the Queen, with that thought in mind. In a story that seems so grim, it has a purpose.

You must know “whose” you are to know who you are. Jones feels there are people like her who go through life dreaming, not realizing the potential for greatness they have. She hopes her achievements will motivate others.

For Keeps: Return of the Queen

This manuscript is the sequel to For Keeps. One year after Detective Brown solved the mysterious murders of the Blood Pool Killer, the city has returned to normalcy. Detective Brown can’t stop thinking about witnessing a beast transform itself into the image of a three-year-old girl.

City residents are shocked when another blood pool is found in town. Detective Brown’s investigation leads him back to the Jones family. Whose lives have been further changed ever since they found their child “was born a beast.”

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