Kathy Binder

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Kathy J. Binder is the writer of ‘The Half Vampire Twins’ series, with Gothic being the first book out of four in the vampire series. This is her very first novel, but she has written a few short stories and poems. Her very first songs ever written are ‘Gotta Be Strong’ and ‘Through Your Eyes’ which are both in this book. She has always wanted to write a vampire book since she was in middle school. She currently lives in Wisconsin.

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Paperback books and ebooks available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Scribd, Baker & Taylor, eSentral, Copia, Gardners, Ciando and Vearsa (Overdrive, Playster, Hoopla) and many more locations.

The Half Vampire Twins – Gothic

Kyra and her twin brother, Kyle are half vampire twins. They live with their mother in Tomaha, Wisconsin. When they were younger, they were home schooled and started to find out that they were different – they have vampire powers.

At age seventeen, both of the twins were able to go to school, but they had to keep their vampire powers a secret from the other students. Kyra and Kyle are both musically talented vampires. Kyle plays the electric guitar, while Kyra plays the electric guitar and the piano. Kyra meets Tessa and Krystal in band class. Tessa plays the electric guitar, while Krystal plays the drums. Kyra, Tessa, and Krystal decide to start a band together with Kyra being the lead singer.

Kyle meets Trent and Johnny in school. They all decided to drive two-man cruisers at the Saleim Speedway. Kyle and Johnny are partners in one car, while Trent has to find another partner to drive with since he loses his partner. Kyra decides to partner up with Trent and learn the ropes on what to do in a two-man cruiser. Kyra tries to find out more about Trent because he seems mysterious and no one seems to know a lot about him – at all.

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