Judy Stih

Graduated from University of Phoenix, worked for Motorola for many years…I was a substitute teacher for Mesa schools and only found my love of paint 5 years ago…who would have guessed! I was also a caregiver for my 94-year-old, who suffered from dementia. Sitting in a wheelchair all day, I was in awe of her strength for this journey. However, it was a journey for all of us, my husband John, my three sons and the wonderful support of my friends. Website: https://www.judithstihbooks.com/

Worth Saving, A Memoir

The book “Worth Saving, A Memoir” discusses Judy’s decision to care for her aging mother at home rather than in an assisted living facility, despite the fact that she was in a wheelchair and suffering from dementia. Judy, on the other hand, had no idea what kind of help she could get or how she could make sure she was providing her mother with the right medication and attention. This book will also motivate the readers to take the first step in dealing with adversity in their life and will guide them down their own journey to wellness. Plus, part of this book is author’s journal of everything she did for 6- years of taking care her of her mother.

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