Joseph Lewis

Joseph Lewis grew up in a secular household. He discovered the significance of religion at age nineteen, was baptized in a Baptist church at age twenty, and is now thirty and a recently confirmed Catholic. He has earned two associate degrees in intelligence studies and foreign language while actively serving in the United States Air Force. He can be reached at

A Defined Revelation

Broken into five written sections, the book covers the most typical areas of interest when concerning philosophy and theology regarding God and our relationship with Him. The first sections mentions how the human condition hinders our ability to actively reach out towards God unless we subdue our troubled senses and find the freewill to do such. The second writing begins the Christian message, which offers an insight into Christian faith as well as common religious ideals such as sin and growing in accordance to God’s will. The third writing details key points regarding evil and suffering and how Catholic theology places the privation of good as the immediate intention of fallen angels whom we call demons. The fourth writing is a brief personal interpretation of love and suggests how the fullness of love can be found here in a temporal world, but many are looking in wrong places. And lastly, the fifth writing is another personal writing about how to follow a personal spiritual perspective that can be found gracious upon death or judgment. To summarize the whole work, a final section of poems of faith was included to play with the various themes and intents of the sections. Inspired by prayer, research in Catholic theology, and personal meditation, this work is a complete and digestible package meant to reaffirm faith or question disbelief.