John Rosario Sr

My name is John Rosario Sr. I was born in the USA but of a Puerto Rican heritage. I’m prone to champion the downtrodden, those who live in a world where they seemingly have very little. I am a very proud father of three children, John, Jeremy and Christina. I am a member of the Grace Bible Community Church in Newington, Connecticut.

I am a military veteran having served in the US Army. My main hobby is to design and create futuristic models, and I love music. Earth Wind and Fire is my favorite musical group. Go Raiders.


A Letter To My Lord

Being thankful is the inspiration for my poems. Thankful for being given a life, for the Blessings available to me and every other human being on this planet, to recognize who gave me the opportunity (the Lord, his son Jesus and the Holy Spirit) and to honor the divinity of God. There is also social commentary to open the eyes of my fellow brothers and sisters.

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