John Gondeck

I grew up in Baltimore City where I and many of my friends would gather on the street corner after supper and tell stories. Graduating from the Catonsville High School 1965 I joined the Army National Guard and later met the girl who became my wife of 51 years (Alice passed August of 2020). What a journey. I met Jesus in April of 1974 and my life has never been the same. During my prayer walks in the morning is where I get my inspirations for songs and book titles. The Lord has brought another, Sandy into my life to start a new book and chapter to finish out my days.

John Gondeck

Building Blocks to Great Faith, The Rise and Fall of a Great Nation, Life at the 50 Yard Line

Life at the 50 Yard Line

Where does life truly begin, and where will it take us? Everyone starts somewhere. When will we reach the halfway point? Just maybe, we have passed it. Unlike those who play football, we can’t see our own fifty-yard line. We know that it is out there somewhere, but where? Have we passed it, or are we approaching it? Or, just possibly, are we standing on it? These are questions that may never be answered. Our parents make plans and dream dreams for us, and we, in turn, make plans for our children. However, God has His plans for us as well. “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

The Rise and Fall of a Great Nation

Nations have risen to power through their might and driven by greed they have held many people in bondage. When the workforce was limited, they bought and sold slaves. Slavery is still taking place on the continent of Africa, and no one is there protesting. Politics! It is all about politics and the political game that is being played out in the greatest nation that the world has ever known could be its demise. We will examine the foundation that was laid by those who came from Great Britain and with only thirteen colonies became the ruler of the seas and skies with an army that is unmatched anywhere. Politics! Yes, politics played by men and women desiring power and wealth have brought us the very brink of collapse as they tend to forget who it was that gave so much to so few in the beginning. Thousands upon thousands have given their lives for the freedoms that we have in this land, and yet there are many who do not care, preferring a socialist form of government. But there is still hope for a failing nation.

Building Blocks to Great Faith

God has a plan for you, to do you good and not harm. You will see how God has moved upon people down through the ages and how they responded in faith that moved them to the next plateau. You will see how their lives were no different than yours and yet they became movers and shakers. You too can be a mover and a shaker for God. See how He wants to develop you and help you to grow IN HIM. Your walk with God begins with the first step. Are you ready?