Jennifer Rabago-Roman

Jennifer Rabago-Roman, holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from University of Central Florida, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from University of Central Florida, and a Associate’s Degree in Psychology from Valencia Community College, which has given her a deep understanding of peoples psyche and social interactions with groups and community. I always loved to write poetry since I was very young, continued all the way through high school, and continued to write poetry all the way until I got married. I always tried to use my poetry as a way to express myself since I could not say those words. I have always loved to write, I will continue to write and have a passion for it.

Remembering My Real Life

The book consists of many true experiences that the author went through experiencing life and she uses her words through poetry to express how she is feeling. She had many had very hard times and some who even put her into those difficult situations. Many of the poetry consist of abstract things, rhymes, sadness, hopes, landscapes, love, and sensuality. She wants to grab your attention the best possible way by expressing herself honestly and openly. She wants you to feel that you are a part of the book by evoking your inner feelings through self-reflection, and your true-self when reading my sonnets. Throughout her life, she has experienced hardships and has experienced blessings which many parts of her life. She wants you to feel the pain that she went through in life (cry if you need to like she did) and know that like her, you can conquer it too. By the end of this book, you will know that she is one hell of of an amazing friend with a heart of gold, and a soul full of love. She is truly an unforgettable woman !!

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