James TenEyck

I was born and grew up in Somerville, NJ, received a BS in Mathematics from Lafayette College in Easton, PA, and went to work for IBM, Endicott in 1964; In 1968 I took a leave to go to Syracuse and finish the master’s degree program in physics I had begun through the IBM extension. I continued on to receive a Ph.D. in 1973 with a specialty in quantum electrodynamics. I had a relatively undistinguished academic career that included a career transition to computer science, a tenured position at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY, and retirement in 2007. After retiring I felt I needed to do something more meaningful with my life–a selfish impulse that disregarded the needs and wishes of my wife and family. I always had the desire to write and some ability to do it well. I was drawn to this particular title by my admiration for Reuther, my affinity with many of the causes he championed, and my irritation at seeing one set of politicians using the word liberal as a derogatory epithet and the other set of politicians shying away from identification with it and doing nothing to defend it. Since the publication of this book I have been writing poetry and am compiling a volume of poems that I am looking to publish in the near future.

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