James Lockhart

JAMES LOCKHART, Ed. D has been a published author, playwright, and poet for over 40 years. His most recent works DELIGHTFUL-, AN ANTHOLOGY OF POETRY TO MAKE YOU SMILE and his stageplay MAHALIA have been highly acclaimed. JAMES educational and professional experiences are multi-faceted, including Honor Graduate of LaSalle (Military) Institute, Troy, N.Y.; Scholarship (B.A.) and Fellowship (M.A.) graduate of The State University of N.Y, Albany; Education Doctorate(Ed, D.) Columbia Univ. Teachers College; as well as high level, professional services with N.Y. State Dept. of Ed; The State Univ. of NY at Albany History Dept.; (Ford Foundations-Wash. Internship in Education;, as well as thirty-seven years as Senior Educational Program Official, U.S. Department of Education, Wash., DC (Ret. 9/2012). He has traveled throughout the United States and The Caribbean Islands to give presentations and monitor Federally funded educatinal programs at the college andsecondary school levels. Lockhart serves as a Deacon and newsletter contributer at The Peoples Community Baptist Church, Silver Spring, Md, under the leadership of Dr. Haywood A. Robinson II

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