Gordon E. Abbo

Gordon E. Abbo is a science fiction writer and retired psychiatrist who lives in California. Since childhood, he has been interested in astronomy and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. He is a fan of Star Trek and Star Wars and a member of the Planetary Society and Space Coast Writers’ Guild. His background in psychiatry, combined with a concern about the world’s social problems, has led him to inject a psychosocial perspective into his writing. A Meeting of Two Worlds is his first book of a planned series currently in the works.

A Meeting of Two Worlds (A Meeting of Two Worlds, Volume 1)

Amateur Astronomer, George Abooli, encounters a UFO in the New Mexico desert and makes contact
with friendly aliens– reptilian humanoids called Reptons. They have been studying Earth from cloaked starships and want
to make contact with the humans.. George is invited to take an interstellar journey to the Tau Ceti system, where their home planet is. George
marvels at the alien culture. He is appointed interplanetary ambassador to pave the way for contact between the two worlds. However,
trouble is brewing in the Middle East, with the rise of a new dictator bent on conquering the world, and a threat of a nuclear