Gloria Geller

Gloria Geller is a retired professor of social work. She taught at all levels of education from preschool through to undergraduate and graduate school. Upon retiring, she took a number of creative writing classes, and joined a writing group. She received a Gillett Prize for the creative non-fiction short story “Hallowee’en at a Residential School”(2016); and first Gillett Prize for the creative non-fiction short story: “Criminals I have Know: Pamela George’s Murderers” (2019). Recent publications: two poems, “My Grandmother’s Sighs” and “The Menorah” published in ‘Sanctuary: A Cootes Paradise Writers Anthology’, No. 3, 2021 (McMaster University); two poems, “Imprisoned in Amber” and “Streetscape” and a nonfiction short story, “The House on Millwood Road” in ‘Voice of Older Adults’ (Life Rattle Press, 2019). She lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with her life partner.

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