Elliot Mercer M.D.

Elliott Mercer is a retired interventional and neuroradiologist who practiced for thirty-nine years n several Orange County, California hospitals and clinics. He has been active in the community, including holding a variety of positions in medical organizations, including formerly serving as president of the California Radiological Society. He currently spends his time bicycling, hiking, skiing, wood-working, reading a playing bridge.

He and his wife Joanne divide their time between Newport Beach, California and Sun Valley, Idaho.

A Doctor Of Our Times

Nolan Burkett is a young doctor just beginning his career as a thoracic surgeon. Fresh-faced and idealistic, he is not prepared for the challenges ahead.

Nolan eventualy finds love and marriagte, but later falls prey to his baser instincts. His bad decisions result in significant personal loss for both himself and his family. Nolan struggles to remember why he chose to enter the medical field in the first place, as he realizes what he had and what he has lost. He now must resurrect so much more than his career.

What happens when an idealistic young doctor is confronted by life’s realities and gives in to temptation. Is penitence possible, or is it too late for Nolan to recover from his mistakes?