Edith Vosefski

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Edith Vosefski is the retired director of the Etiquette School of Northern Illinois in Downers Grove, Illinois. She has many years of experience teaching both children and adults. She is a graduate of Northwestern University, holds a master’s degree in communication science from Governor’s State University, and a training certificate in etiquette from the American School of Protocol. Mrs. Vosefski believes that etiquette is a subject that can be fun, and conducted her classes accordingly.

Edith Vosefski

The Nine Lives of Curious Edith, Leo and the Spirit of Golden Boy

Leo and the Spirit of Golden Boy

Does a mere boy have the power to become a horse whisperer? Can he ponder if animals have a soul?  Our hero, Leo studies horsemanship with a Native American farrier and learns the secrets of relating to a horse in the native way.  We follow Leo’s life from childhood to manhood. You might experience a new way of seeing the world.

The Nine Lives of Curious Edith

Meet the unstoppable Edith Vosefski, an eternal optimist who hails from Downers Grove, Illinois! The Nine Lives of Curious Edith chronicles her life of love and caring for others with a unique sense of humor that models life can be fun as well as serious. After college, she was a housemother in a children’s home, a teacher, homemaker, program administrator in a psychiatric hospital, and founder of the Northern Illinois School of Etiquette. Her story takes the reader on a lively, humorous, and faith-filled journey from the horse-drawn ice wagons of her childhood through her courtship, sixty-four year marriage to her husband Joe, and their international travels together. Edith first became an author in her seventies and finished The Nine Lives of Curious Edith just after her ninetieth birthday while dealing with the residual effects of a stroke. Her memoir will capture your heart and inspire you to keep growing and learning at any age… just like Edith does!

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