Ebony C. Wallace

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Ebony C. Wallace is a lifelong learner with an Unconventional Sound for this generation. She is an author, educator, consultant, conference speaker, and national workshop facilitator who skillfully delivers complex concepts in a clear, precise, and relevant fashion. This culturally responsive leader has over 20 years of experience successfully impacting her community through service, teaching, and learning. Ms. Wallace received her Bachelors degree from Florida A&M University and her Masters degree from Nova Southeastern University and is currently enrolled in Doctoral Studies. Ebony’s literary prowess extends beyond the boardroom, enriching minds through her insightful works. Her commitment to education and community service is encapsulated in her writing.

Ebony C. Wallace is an Author, Entrepreneur, Advocate and Education Leader. She has cultivated and demonstrated abilities in leadership and collaborating successfully with clients, mid-level management, executive leadership, and community leaders in public and private organizations. She is a culturally responsive leader with over 20 years of experience successfully impacting teaching and learning. I have knowledge of the latest research, standards-based lesson planning, observation & reflection/feedback techniques necessary to ensure high-impact teaching and learning.
At the core, Ebony is an educator, who served in various capacities for 18 years with BCPS. This Broward County native’s passion and enthusiasm is the framework that envelopes her commitment to education and service to her community. She is Florida Educator State Certified in Mathematics (Elem-HS), Business Education, Integrated Subjects grades 5-9 and Education Leadership K-12.

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